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L f.?-V9U\0 The All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference is China's must-attend bio pharmaceutical exhibition. Numbers of exhibitors, authoritative medical seminar and high media attention make the All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference the most authoritative and professional exposition.   


h*V)H U lH]]0R*~ P0 The All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference is held once a year, combining business, commerce, matching meeting, communication, study, technology transition etc. together. It is a get-together party full of talents in pharmaceutical circle. m(x6gs'SR&O

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The All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference 2015 covers kinds of up-and downstream products in biological medicine industry chain. Exhibitors include well-known companies as well as representative industry parks, hospitals and universities. Besides, not only the leading enterprises at home but also numbers of foreign enterprises from the US, Australia, Switzerland, France, Israel etc join the exposition.
U'd_$`;m-Al0 On the basis of last exposition, we will hold The All China Health Industry Exhibition 2015 and The All China Biomedical Engineering Industry Conference & Exhibition 2015 in this year's exposition. ~1K,e t5v!Uv


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HAK$x t4E0lD5]C0 Biotech China 2014 data list: $`R!zuQ$G7{

p PI V`G/Mt0 15000 m2 display area, more than700standard booths,30million transactions on site make the All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference the largest pharmaceutical exposition in China. vCNPo)k


48 overseas enterprises mainly from the US, Canada, England, Germany etc makes the All China Biotech Exhibition& Conference the most internationalized pharmaceutical exposition. 0]6?W+Hyro6cc{

u \N"o n/a'tb0 ■ Covering 10 divisions, more than300groups of exhibits, containing“chemicals, Chinese patent drugs, Chinese medicinal materials, OTC drugs, biological drugs, health care products, medical devices, medical technology services, drug related logistics and cold chain technology etc.” @.j?C4X]


■ More than 10 forums and seminars are held meanwhile to build the most authoritative information highland.

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■ Reports from hundreds of medias home and abroad, like the JSTV, NCNA, Yangtzi Evening Paper, Dingxiang Yuan, Bio portfolio, BioIsrael, Biotech Science News etc, make the All China Biotech Exhibition & Conference the most popular pharmaceutical exposition


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