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Obtaining more than a booth by being an exhibitor


\pq1gVtYHR0@0 ★ Selected into the enterprise list of the official website of the exhibition A'U }8~~ ks3dO#K

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★ Selected into the enterprise introduction of the official catalogue of the exhibition


4d/J-s8h,K:F$?3fp?\0 ★ Free advertisement to show your brand(to choose from new product release, video advertisement and road sign, first come first serve)


.b rqpH(IFP[l`0 ★ More sponsorship to promote your development(promotion meeting, billboard, color page in catalog, cocktail party etc.) -t-JheS l-rj(F

0X a,mW!b K LVB0 ★ Potential buyers in exhibition held simultaneously y)_p%rVI


★ More than 10 high-end conferences and forums focusing on the industry development

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\;E h;E.[[0 Biotech China 2014 data list Q&s}hv)Hw7U$r W@-Vx&A


▶ More than 15000m² display area 'gj%v!@F5~d:\


▶ 397 exhibitors from 14 countries and districts


,e;B3W3[8nC+N7t5i/QP0 ▶ Nearly 6000 professional visitors and buyers from 28 countries and regions 


U|ryc'xur ~0 q-ui*e @$l*y,I@


Exhibitors Review T VjWNZ/hi

7kH(u9J O(U}v0 Biotech China is nodoubtedly the No.1 bio pharmaceutical event in China in terms of exhibition scale, quality and quantity of visitors and exhibitors and internationalization. I’m very grateful to the organizer for building us the excellent platform. We will pay constant attention to and support Biotech China. Y&_*~f&z4[;WnD

;E[| YhQ0 Mr. Sui Peng, Deputy General Manager | HUALAN BIO

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mhT+xZ8u}3zk0 This is my first time to participate a bio pharmaceutical exhibition in China. The well organizing and comprehensive services have left me a deep impression. We’ve made a lot of valuable contacts on site. Biotech China is and will be a very important platform for JRI to display our products and innovations in China. This is definitely a successful experience for us. 1|'|Zi"lV

z T J%daN fxm}0 Ms. Marie-Ange Cambour, Area Business Manager | JRI

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[-W3Sq4a ?,D7R0 We siged equipment supply contact with Yangtzi River Pharmaceutical Group during the exhibition. We also met some fantastic contacts from ASK Pharm, Carefree and Simcere and received some very promising sales leads. We benefit a lot from the participation. I wish Biotech China more successful in the future.

%| Veo;U%X*YU2i0 ,S+r Tm.R1R9z4z

Mr. Liu Liangping, Deputy General Manager |  Zhejiang Heituo Machinery Technology Co, Ltd m'o+L5_ }



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