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;B*tn&[}0 Q: Is there any charge when entering the exhibition? Any procedures to deal with? +}LfK6[)x7t


A: The exhibition is free of charge for visitors with pre-registration of BIOTECH CHINA 2015. You can register in the Pre- registration window. The organizer will send you the Entrance Confirmation by e-mail after your successful registration.


tC,b7nO;IU+f`~rm0 Please print the Entrance Confirmation, and submit it attached your business card at the reception desk on-site to change for the entering card in free. 

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The visitors register on site need to pay 50yuan RMB for the ticket for 3-day sightseeing. _jLK)r!yt

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.vA*Tr A`}~0 Q: Is there any charge to attend the meeting held in the same period in Biotech China?


u{b(G P[iZ"VFV0 A: Most meetings held over the same time to promote communication and commerce are free, small part of high-end forums are not. 

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    We will mark the charged conference after its title. If you want to know more, please click ACTIVITY→Conference Forum.

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Q: What can I see in this exhibition?

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A: The exhibition covers all the up-and downstream products in biomedical industry chain, mainly containing biological pharmacy and technology, customized contracts, crude drug and processing devices, drug packaging materials and equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, environmental protection and clean technology, equipment and so on. 1k3^8r}M

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Exhibitors include well-known companies as well as representative industry parks, hospitals and universities. Besides, not only the leading enterprises at home but also numbers of foreign enterprises from the US, Australia, Switzerland, France, Israel etc join the exposition. 

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Q: I am the exhibitor( visitor) from other countries, how can I ask for visa and book the hotel? (Ymt7p.eD1n R

zU-ZGu0S&m-O0 A: Biotech China will recommend hotels for overseas exhibitors, visitors and medias. Please refer to : TRAVEL→Hotel Booking. 

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    If you need help in matters of visa, please send e-mail to L0iR-Z`7u"}

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Q: How can I get to Nanjing International Expo? k]8L+S2H

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A: Please refer to TRAVEL→Traffic Guide 7C]-l8@4gf!b


Nanjing International Expo locates on No.300, Middle Road of Jiangdong, Jianye district. You can either take Subway line 2 or 10, walk for 500 meters after you get out from No.4 exit at Yuantong Station. ;c"j6zt t}\W v


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*?R}&n e(f-R0 Q: Is it convenient to park if I drive to the exhibition hall? And how does it charge? MH~/gp"Wgmq%l


A: If you drive by yourself, you can park the car in P1, P2 near the exhibition hall F which is free of charge. Since there are many people during the exhibition, please take care of your valuables.

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uz%g~%s%n6m0 Q: Is there any food beverage in the exhibition hall? 1_-L HD @J#Ha

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A: Chargeable Chinese box lunch is available in the communal dining area. Hamburgers, bread, coffee etc are available at the two sides of the entrance of the exhibition hall.  

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;_,?;EQ*~8`L2my?5y0 Q: Is there network in the exhibition hall?

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A: The exhibition hall is covered with WIFI completely, you can log on in free after you get your password by the phone: limited access with guaranteed speed. :I9Qi&K^s$pG

\Vf4v[!\*r0 Meanwhile, there is Internet point in the exhibition hall to provide free wireless Internet service.(close to the organizer's office)  [a1IP P2W

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Rt3[]KT0p\i0 If you need any more info about peripheral services, please refer to "TRAVEL→Business Service".




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