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1.  Biological Pharmacy and Technology _(Q;d!s,B

!c;EoC*VF7y0 2.  Customized Contracts .x@s;s%QMh#S

] oa8re]{s

3.  Crude Drug and Processing device   Gro'Q;B$A

x r!}CY:s

4.  Pharmaceutical Machinery

bEX h @5s nl$D0 B;^:G8cA:UZ

5.  Drug Packaging Materials and Equipment )n`N Ql,J

'Z!i o&m3?v{N0 6.  Analytical Instruments and Laboratory Equipment ;sK5spdn"a0E

!pb b3v3P$`4d

7.  Environmental Protection and Clean Technology, Equipment l j vl'RK/P;W!c,Z

8.  Natural Nutrition and Health Care Products  
9s"{)D/O9j0 EL(K(p/a7V)wi.]$@

9.  Industry Parks Zh#iJiX#L3Z

Z/i6}.a0u3h.q0 10.  Hospitals and Universities

K5\T"m5vD0 Ko[;s:Ky

C T${5y;B^K0


4sI!VY@9b E\-\(Q0
?)l9C"Bp$C Qg0

&h7@O!@J E5Ut D0 VvL2uU$]5t;~8m


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