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Nanjing, known as the ancient capital of 6 dynasties, is a renowned historical and cultural city as well as a distinctive modern city with breathtaking scenery. After 30 years’reform and opening, Nanjing has become the hot-spot for entrepreneurship in new century. |$|UL"?e)xh3Z

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V {&bZ!Z:x[9d2mW0 Nanjing, with convenient transportation (railway, highway, aviation, water transport, pipeline), is one of the four central city in Yangtze river basin. L/ip1uVot


In recent years, Nanjing has become the center after the build-up of high-speed passage transport network and high-capacity railway channel in the eastern region in the Yangtze River Delta. It takes only an hour from Nanjing to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei and so on. There are BJ to SH, NJ to SH, NJ to HZ etc. railway passenger transport lines in Nanjing East Station built in 2011. Besides, Nanjing has opened up the International railway transportation train to Europe, Russia, Uzbekistan etc and has direct flight to 70 or so cities like Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vancouver , Los Angeles, Chicago, Moscow, Tokyo, Osaka etc. Nanjing is already the largest traffic hub in Asia.  


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/G(~-p.F Y'}t a0 Nanjing is not only a vital city in Yangtze River delta, but also one of the most promising cities in Asia Pacific area in 21 century. As an important industrial base in Eastern China. Nanjing is great in industrial strength and complete in range. With four industries(electrical products, cars, sinopec, iron) as pillar industry, Nanjing is now actively expanding its field in the "eight emerging industries ”like new energy, new material, bio medical, new photoelectric, environmental protection equipment,  aeronautical and space technologies, rail transportation equipment, advanced shipbuilding and so on.     ['|L3Y${

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@%q!hV],t;{lUv0 Furthermore, Nanjing is a city of long history of opening-up. Zheng He's Voyage starts from Nanjing as early as in Ming Dynasty. ,d*ep1r"mz?\ O

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From 1405-1433, the Great navigator Zheng He has led the fleets from Nanjing to the Red Sea and the East coast of Africa through Southeast Asia, and India ocean seven times, and he visited an estimated 30 countries and districts in Asia and Africa.

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In order to strengthen the friendly foreign exchanges, Nanjing develops its friendship and cooperation with more foreign countries in economics trade, technology, culture, education, tourism 21st century and successfully held China Nanjing historical and cultural city in the World Expo,  Asian Youth Games 2013 and the Youth Olympic Games 2014. Now, Nanjing is stepping forward into the world! 8fM!i;BbA d.K-U |



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