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The All China Biotech Conference & Exhibition 2015  (Biotech China 2015)(d'yq;lkc [X


Date:  i\*Cw^6G8c4w4~o

September 3rd- September 5th, 2015 l&j[~o

(EJo ojok$c0

Openning hours:


10:00AM-17:00PM,  Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 2015 #i"F O|UZr+M[r

10:00AM-17:00PM,  Friday,      Sep. 4th, 2015 V0nW]f$@(Ox,j
10:00AM-14:00PM,  Saturday,  Sep. 5th, 2015+[b.S2bx:`CB

+Q$?d%C%df T4Yt8u0

Venue: -T XSY n:J@

Nanjing International Expo Center  (No.300 Middle Jiangdong Road,Jianye District, Nanjing) 9OE3M |5Nb$L


Exhibition Expense:  $~pcC Xjv(f

Please click the "EXHIBITOR" to gain the corresponding information at the home page ,b$I"enI/w,e,X0J

        PL[IkK.H `;n

Visiting Fee: 


Visitors pre register on line will be out of charge. Click Here!


Visitors register on spot need 50 yuan to enjoy 3-day exhibition. }"P:T9Skm"t"C-M

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