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`d5l?s:ZBd A0 With orders secured, cooperation intentions reached, BIOTECH CHINA 2014 draws a successful conclusion on May 16th.  ^+N$Y%Vs


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The 3-day exhibition has attracted 397 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. 48 overseas exhibitors come from America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, accounts for 12% of the total, proving BIOTECH CHINA a real international event.  d)o)W:`d!iza(?5`

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Exhibiting companies include Anteo Diagnostics, Lyncee Tec, regenHU, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Regen Lab, JRI, Weizmann Institute of Science, HUALAN Biological Engineering, SIMCERE, Nanjing Biomedical Research Institute of Nanjing University, Yuanyang Medical Equipment, I CAN Purification, NINGKAI Instrument, Haier, Sanyo Refrigeration, Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, Nanjing Zhongshan Life Science Park, Tianhe Bio Medicine Technology Park, etc. 

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5733 professional visitors and buyers from 28 countries and regions have generated transactions worthing more than 30 millions USD.   b$F"F:Nw!j



BIOTECH CHINA is more than just a trade show. A variety of conferences and forums are being held at the same time. Neuro Talk, World Cancer Congress, Stoel Rives Promotion Meeting, Product Manager Meeting - Product Planning and Development, Bio Marketing Forum are all offering participants a platform for communications and idea exchanges.  -n%\H XEL.L


A wide range of coverage from more than 100 media have been given to BIOTECH CHINA 2014, including JSTV, NJTV, XinHua News Agency, Bioon, BioDiscover, Bio Portfolio, Biotech Gate, Pharma Focus Asia, BioIsrael, Biotech Science News, BIO TECH International, BioSpectrum, Business Wire, BioMed Central, etc.  cgX;s ?a



Featured with its large exhibition scale, high internationalization, large quantity and high quality of exhibitors and visitors, BIOTECH CHINA has won itself the following labels.  g` |O"G7K

★The LARGEST Bio Pharmaceutical exhibition in China !{'W%v(H [\&T%Q2N

★The HIGHEST Concern from the Industry C&M(AB@`
★The MOST INTERNATIONAL Bio Pharmaceutical exhibition in Chinan,De4_2u_
★The MOST POPULAR Bio Pharmaceutical exhibition in media circle
)n)\9y8H%m0 ★The BRIGHTEST SPOT in fringe programs

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