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BIOTECH CHINA 2014 has attracted nearly 6000 professional visitors and buyers from 28 countries and regions.
X j{ Tq.~ o0 ]XKw~T ~9{*m
Vistors from,d:G&k.mgF6r ^6a
●Drug manufacturing enterprise/t3l.ylJq"V
●Medicine circulation(wholesale) enterprises K.}.W+d9C+t1f
●Laboratory / Scientific Research InstituteA8nqf"AG:cAC3^b
●The hospital / the hospital pharmacyi/q%G.H3\!v
●Pharmacy / drug retailers
o \R\n7{0 ●Academies*PD(h|mU3U ci/^9jS?
●Industrial Park&iVFEXO Z
●Government/Associations and societies/Organizations
Wkd;a%C g8Qt0 ● Publication/Internet/Media/b6|#v{7K H

3X*_;b`M;BY0 Participating Objective&S'h\mm3[
Seeking for new product technology, supplier and cooperative partner  Ti U,T_
●Collecting market and product information
$J\ x@6C0 ●Maintaining relationship with the existed suppliers !PoCOz1f
●Purchasing products(S:x?I&Cqvj|
●Attending conferences and forums}x6hn4o V)A9S&a
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