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1.  Biological Productsxn2UO#O
Biological Products and immunochemical amino acid, antigen, blood products, cell / tissue culture, enzyme, monoclonal antibody, nucleotide/oligonucleotide, polyclonal antibody. /f8L d0g$R;flu"X
Biotechnology and bio based products, bios, cell biology, drug delivery, gene therapy, genomics, immunotherapy,  molecular biology, nano technology, proteomics, Stem cell therapy.  
4K/H A[ q0 Medical and pharmaceutical hormone, vaccinum, antibiotics, blood factor, growth factor, immune stimulating factor, the immunoassay kit, gene therapy and diagnosis, the human genome project / gene DNA sequencing, development strategy / portfolio analysis, tissue engineering, antisense oligonucleotide treatment, conductor transplantation.          A0XA4Vt!D2@
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2.  Biological Products Research and Technology$U#[-HB*rB
Biotech products, protein engineering, bioanalysis, bioinformatics, downstream processing, cell culture, bioreactor, biomedical research, synthesis and sequencing.I/X'o`K$R:Z/Lg.Q
Technical service: Project design/paper outsourcing, cell biology, immunology, biochip, instrument test / repair, molecular organism, microorganism, protein / protein group, Bioinformatics services, experimental animal services.        
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3.  The pharmaceutical raw materials and processing
y3T5Gq[F @](p,B dgY0 crude drug:vitamins,steroids,sulfanilamide grous,analgesic-antipyretic,anesthesia, tetracyclines, amino acid and its derivatives, chloromycetin, digestive system drugs, Other anti infective, penicillins, aminoglycoside, lincomycin, Cardiovascular system drug,other western drugs.;J7rIAs2lsa t
Pharmaceutical intermediates.
^+TdU8g [,A0 Materials and formulations: excipient, flow aid, enteric coating material, antioxygen, edulcorant, transdermal agent, antiseptic, disintegrating agent, coating material, surface active agent, light-screening agent, essence, filter aid, stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, resolver, correctant,colorant,clarificant,PH regulator,4A4U4K@g|n
Natural extracts: plant extracts, animal extracts, traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, functional food ingredients, health products raw material, nutritional health products raw materials, extender, dietary fiber, cosmetics raw materials.
~cn|rcO0 Raw materials processing equipment.
H2k*J mYJ*XpO0         "Xg1w in5Oq.Y
4.   Instrumentation
b5P![rz x0KC0 Pharmaceutical machinery:raw material medicine machinery,preparation machinery,pharmaceutical packaging machinery, new water equipment for pharmaceutical use, refrigeration plant, cleansing system, fluid equipment, universal equipment. 
.J,[s,hz0 Biochemical analysis instrument: Biochemical instrument, analysis instrument, laboratory complete equipment, laboratory affiliated equipment, purified water equipment, measurement and test instrument, drug test equipment, laboratory consumables.   9ueU%NB

D5[1RdP?0 5.  Pharmaceutical environmental protection and cleansing technologyio4`8|4o.p(~!I
Environment protection technology: effluent disposal, tail gas treatment, spoil disposal.
)uo bJ n d5H0 Cleansing technology: clean room frame, clean room equipment,clean products, detecting instrument, purification equipment, cleaning machine, purification facilities,  filter medium, etc. 
-U(D+I^[ `Z0 0q{$U2lA
6.  Drug packaging materials and equipment^jl%DI:q1U9d.n t"K4o
Drug packaging materials:medicinal glass bottle, composite material, flexible package, aluminium foil, medicinal plastic bottle, cap, capsule, medicinal hose, hard tube, spray pump packing bag valve, printng, color printing carton, self-adhesive labe,  stainless steel products, prefilled syringes , transport packaging .
` C1g#Q Y/](z0 Pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipmentOfQuJri Cr9W

1UE1O.b9{NG6|0 7.   Industrial Park
XIp N3uB vV~,v0 '~s7kn:u4vz&E V7G

K@-l!b:Em0i!_0 8.  Pharmacy facilities       !I)x#a~7O2Z

5i,pFH.c"RpZ p:h.Z7Wb#B0 The rotating disc medicine frame,the medicine frame, dispensing table, cabinet, pieces of cabinet, automated tablet dispensing & packaging system, automated counting machine, medicine stripping machine, decocting medicine machine, pharmacy management system etc.    

!gC"bN,z#P/l9o0dXu0  U M.z3e#DL4e3N8i4\M

E&P)Ae7V-j'da K0 9.  Outsourcing area


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g1W+^w c;[9F^I i0 _@ cf:CSw$q

10.  Industry Related Comprehensive Area

] zc"QE2a0

xRs;SV4\3l-]M0 Biological Fund zone, Consultation, Association, Media, College, Institude etc. %Y+\$p})to.m

|@ e9Fsf@(^-M0

f$v)sJ(S f5Z0 7`FK`2yG4M

Mealwhile, there are specialied section dedicated for Natural and Nutritional Health Products and Intergrated Biotech. 5n \#x'~0h9fm.F

&@ n3rl1Km0
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